All on the Same Page Bookstore

Why is our store different from others? Why is every indie bookstore different?

Well, there’s the “indie” part, of course; you know what that means. But a lot of other things factor in to the differences between indie bookstores.

Some stores offer new books only; some primarily stock used books, and some do a mixture of both. Some refuse self-published books, some require than an author have a major publisher, and some will only order stock from a distributor.

A few bookstores are located in free-standing buildings, but many are found in retail strip centers or even malls. Urban or suburban, but not often rural. City or small town. The possible combination is endless.

Most have events or clubs or special activities. Many offer reading areas, or carry other things such as toys or gift items.

Let me tell you what we offer at All on the Same Page:

A lot of used books. A lot.

90+ books by local authors.

A couple of comfy wingback chairs.

Coffee, and FREE cookies.

An extensive children’s section – $1 books!

A local author (or artist) in the store almost every Saturday afternoon.

A children’s storytime once a month.

A NEW BOOK CLUB starting next month!

Referral program – if someone tells us your name when he makes a purchase, YOU get a free book!

Online ordering for shipment or pick-up of our local authors’ books.

Special orders – we can find almost any book, new or used.

Monthly writers’ group and marketing seminars.

Kids’ summer writing contest!

Monthly hosting of the St. Louis Writers Guild Author Series

I might have missed something… But if there IS something I didn’t mention, and you think we should have, please tell me in the comments! And do stop by soon, if you’re in the St. Louis area – even just for a cup of coffee and a chat.









3 comments on “All on the Same Page Bookstore

  1. Sharon says:

    I love All on The Same Page. Robin is so generous to us as local authors. Robin carries such an eclectic variety of books. If you haven’t been there, go. Now.


  2. authormjlogan says:

    Okay you had me with free cookies, the rest is a great bonus.


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