Prep Monday—Dealing with Illness

The worst part of this little experiment of mine was the fact that I was the only test subject. That’s two whammies: I was, what seemed at the time, deathly ill, and I had no one to practice on besides myself.

Quite frankly, I was too sick to even give two tiny whoops.

It started last Sunday. We were packing up for our weekly trip to the farm, and I didn’t feel well. Not horrible, just not good. Took my temp and it was around 99. No big; I don’t even treat a fever until it hits 100—fever is there for a reason. In a nutshell, it burns off whatever you’ve got.

We decided to postpone the trip until the next day. I mean, I never get sick—the last time it was this bad was 12 years ago, and it was a lot worse then—so we figured a good night’s sleep would take care of it.

Problem was, I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in forever…

Monday morning, my temp shot up to 101 and I was reaching for the Advil. Still, I was hanging in there and told my husband to go ahead and leave, I’d be fine, the kid was home, no big deal. I went back to bed and watched old TV reruns and dozed a little; the kid brought me food and water, lots of water, and honey, and a wet washcloth. When I got tired of being in bed—which, to me, says “sick” more than anything else—I’d move to the recliner or couch and the other TV.

By the time my husband got home around 10:00 p.m., having wisely decided he should probably be at home with me, that silly thermometer was reading just a tad over 102.

Good grief. And here’s the kicker: I literally had no other symptoms. None. Well, okay, my butt hurt from sitting on it, and I had a slight headache that turned out to be forgetting my Claritin AND beta blockers for two days.

Let me tell you, though, at 102-point-whatever, you are SICK. And you feel it.

Tuesday was much the same: recliner, couch, bed, Advil, a little food, a lot of water and Gatorade, wet washcloths, and honey.

Yes, a spoonful of honey, now and again, really, really made me feel better. Nothing fancy, just eat it. I did, once, mix it with lemon juice; only once because I was too miserable to squeeze another lemon. And I can tell you this: I intend to keep a lot of honey around!

Advil too—I call it my wonder drug. Now, purists will tell you to use other things, but dammit, this was misery. I do always take two; I used to mess around with one first, but the heck with that. Take two and be done. At least for a while. This fever would go down to normal, or close, but it would take 2 hours and then start going back up again.

By Wednesday, tired of everyone telling me that this was “too long,” I went to my doc’s clinic. I peed in a cup; I had blood drawn. I talked to the NP and felt sorta human for a bit. Still running about 100 degrees. She gave me a Z-pack, just in case, and because I had started coughing. Just a bit, once in a while, no big deal. Not even like, you know, a real cough.

She also upped the Advil to three at a pop. That was the best thing ever! I’d wait until I hit 100—the heck with 101 at this point—eat those suckers, and BAM. Fever-be-gone, in like 30 minutes. Slept great Thursday night, but the damn thing went up again Friday morning.

And that was that.

Oh, the cough? Yeah, it got a little worse. The cross-your-legs-and-pray kind of worse, you know? Still have it, but it’s almost gone. It’s been 8 days of crap. Well, 6 days anyway. I managed to go see a friend who was in town for her two-year visit, since I was fever-free by Friday morning, and on Sunday we drove down to the farm—yay!

Yes, I’m taking it easy. Staying out of the sun. No hard labor. Etc., etc.

What did I learn, as far as prepping?

Buy and stock lots of Advil—I should get a stipend for plugging them so much. Ditto with honey, local and unprocessed, the darker the better; eat a spoonful every few hours, or mix it with whatever you like. Drink lots of water—that’s a duh—but change it up with Gatorade or 7UP or whatever tickles your fancy.

Rest, even if you don’t feel like it. I suspect I had a flu, but it wasn’t as bad as it could have been because I don’t mess around anymore with processed food and junk, and I get regular exercise. Anyway, during days 2-4, I couldn’t have done anything if I’d tried. Not weak, just sick. Too sick to be online or talk on the phone or even text. THAT is sick! I neglected everything, and you know what? It turned out okay. Well, I have a few people who are a little annoyed with me, but they’ll get over it…

The difficult part is resting when you start to feel better. You want to handle everything, you want it done, but here’s the thing: don’t. Delegate, or let it go. Or even half-ass it. It really doesn’t matter to anyone but you…

Stock up on antibiotics if you can. I don’t know HOW you can, but it would sure be a help. Can’t say if they helped me or not, because when the blood work came back, it showed nothing in the way of an infection, so yeah, probably viral. On the plus side, I rarely take antibiotics, so if there was anything bacterial lurking around on the inside, it’s surely gone now.

Take your vitamins and eat. I barely had any food all week; nothing sounded or looked or tasted good, although I had no nausea or digestive issues. It helps if there’s someone around to make the food, because cooking or even making a sandwich was completely beyond my ability last week. Losing a few pounds can be good, sure, but it’s not worth feeling sicker and weak from lack of food.

Best advice I’ve got is to get healthy and stay that way. The latter is much easier if you start with the former.



4 comments on “Prep Monday—Dealing with Illness

  1. Hm…get healthy and stay that way. Did you get bitten by a tick or spider? Quick. Get better. Hope you feel better soon. “:) Watch the garden grow, take it easy. Best advice ever.


  2. Advil eh? aka Ibuprofen 200mg. One of the NSAID range of drugs.

    Just a word of caution. If you are taking blood thinning or anti clotting drugs like warfarin or Coumadin it can be hazardous to your health BIG TIME.

    Hope you feel better soon.


  3. Glad you are feeling better. Nothing worse than being sick.


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