Work Wednesday—Tile, or The Job from Hell

Well . . . you’ll have to wait until next week to see the pics of the new kitchen counters, because they’re installing them THIS WEEK! Yay!

But last week, well, see for yourself:

 IMG_6249[1]    IMG_6252[1]


The remaining cabinets, except the two we’re waiting on; hardware attached, except the three cabinets that need different screws.

And the living room prepped for tile.

Remember how I was complaining that I couldn’t be there? Yeah, well, they saved the tile for me . . .

And I have to report that I’ve successfully passed Tile 101. Or, well, probably Tile 102, at least. I mean, I know how to do it, in theory, and I’ve watched my husband tile a couple small bathrooms, but this time I actually did it.

Oh, gee. Swell.

It. Took. Forever.

Okay, not quite. My husband spread the mortar, I set the tiles—damn heavy, yes, they are—and the next day I did the grout:

 IMG_6254[1]    IMG_6255[1]


Just about ready to head back down there after a couple days’ recovery, so we can do it all over again and finish the kitchen floor . . . my muscles are protesting already!



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